About Us
About Us

About the Owner

After several years of working in the education industry, Tony Jackson developed an interest in power washing. He became particularly fascinated with the process of transforming dirt, moss and rust-ridden exteriors into surfaces that shined like new. This interest is what eventually led him to create T Jacks Roof & Exterior. Now, a certified soft and power washing professional, Tony works hard to make each home and business beam. From house washing to graffiti removal to deck and driveway/concrete cleaning, he supplies every service with a strong commitment to care.

In his own words, “Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. I once learned from a legendary basketball coach that when you are done with whatever it is you are doing, you should be able to look at it and put your signature on it!” And that’s exactly what he aims to do at T Jacks Roof & Exterior Cleaning. Whether he’s dealing with a dirty driveway or streaky siding, he cleans each area so confidently he’s willing to put his signature on it!

About Our Process

Signature-worthy results aren’t the only thing you can expect from T Jacks Roof & Exterior Cleaning. Beyond our commitment to quality, we’re also dedicated to protecting your property and ensuring your safety throughout each project. For this reason, we only use high-grade equipment and eco-friendly detergents. And, if the job calls for it, we will also carefully cover all plants and furniture surrounding your property.

Contact Us

When you need a roof, window, driveway or deck cleaned, we are the company to call. To schedule an appointment with us today, dial 309-397-1103, or submit a request through our online form. You can also email tony@tjacksroofcleaning.com to learn more. We currently serve residential and commercial clients throughout the Greater Peoria Area and Bloomington.