Graffiti Removal
Man Providing Professional Graffiti Cleaning for Peoria IL area Residents

Safe Graffiti Removal for Peoria IL & Bloomington IL Area Residents

When your property gets vandalized by graffiti artists, your reputation suffers. Especially for small start-ups and other local businesses, graffiti can be deeply damaging. This is because it discourages customers from coming in and investing in your product or service. Fortunately, the T Jacks Roof & Exterior Cleaning team offers quick graffiti removal services that help businesses bounce back. Using commercial-grade equipment and eco-friendly detergents, we safely strip away the paint, restoring the building to its original state.

The T-Jacks Difference

What’s so great about our graffiti removal services? Well, beyond being deeply committed to delivering quality results, our cleaning methods are fast, affordable and damage-free. All equipment used in the process is handled by a certified employee, who uses appropriate pressure settings to wash each surface. Preservation is one of our top priorities. We go to great lengths to protect your property from additional damages.

Moreover, we cover all plants and furniture you don’t want to get wet. Our mission at the end of the day is to leave your building looking even better than before it was vandalized. If you believe you or your company could benefit from this service, call and talk to one of our team members today!

Other Services

As your one-stop-shop for all soft and power washing needs, we also offer cleaning services for other common exteriors, including:

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Don’t let graffiti deter visitors from your home or commercial property. Contact T Jacks Roof & Exterior Cleaning to set up an appointment today. Reach us at 309-397-1103. Or, if phone calls aren’t your preferred method of communication, send your questions to To request a free quote, fill out our online form. We are based out of Peoria IL, and proudly serve commercial and residential clients in the surrounding areas.